How to choose and get the most from your accountant

Find out more about what to consider and the mistakes to avoid in choosing an accountant.

Selecting the right accountant for your needs is vital. Here at Simpson Wreford LLP, we understand that you want value for money and a tailored, personal service.

Consider the points below when considering changing accountants.

  • Are they available whenever you need them? Your accountant should be on hand to answer any questions you have.
  • Do they understand your business and its requirements? Working with an accountant who takes the time to get to know you and your business is crucial.
  • Are they able to visit you at your office? Is your chosen accountant willing to meet with you face to face at your office? Additionally, it may be preferable to choose an accountant who offers a free initial consultation and fixed fees.
  • Do they take a proactive stance, rather than a reactive one? Select an accountant who actively seeks to minimise your tax liability and maximise your profitability.
  • Do they respond to your queries promptly? Your new accountant should be responsive and on hand to assist you with your tax queries.
  • Do they offer a tailored service? Choose an accountant who will modify their advice to suit your unique circumstances.
  • Do they listen to you and understand your needs? Ensure you choose an accountant who takes a genuine interest in your business.
  • Do they work to fixed timescales? Working to deadlines benefits both the accountant and the business. Make sure your new accountant agrees to work to fixed timescales so you know when to expect finalised accounts.

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